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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GJwHhk-Kr8   (Rockin Ribfest 2012)

AUGUST 23rd!  (Saturday)!  Wicked Twisted!  Nashua, NH!  Music from 9:00 TIL 1:00AM!

SEPTEMBER 6th!  (Saturday)!  Brookstock!  Brookline, NH!  Family friendly free event!  It will be located at the Brookline ball field off of route 130.  We will playing for about an hour at 5:00!.

SEPTEMBER 13th!  (Saturday)!  Jade Dragon Manchester!  Manchester, NH!  Music from 9pm till 12:30am! 

SEPTEMBER 27th!  (Saturday)! 
The Mad Hatter!  Brookline, NH!  Located on Route 13 in Brookline!  Music from 8:30 till 12:30!

OCTOBER 11th!  (Saturday)!  The Derryfield!  Manchester, NH!  Music from 9pm till 1am!

OCTOBER 12th!  (Sunday)!  Milford Pumpkin Festival!  Milford, NH!  We will be playing in downtown Milford, NH, right on the "Oval" from 2pm till 3pm!  This is a family friendly free event!

OCTOBER 24th &25th!  (Friday&Saturday)!  Haluwa!  Nashua, NH!  Music from 9pm till 1am both nights!

NOVEMBER 8th!  (Saturday)!  Jade Dragon Merrimack!  Merrimack, NH!  Music from 9pm till 12:30am!

NOVEMBER 29th  (Saturday)!  Whippersnapper's!  Londonderry, NH!  Music 9pm till 1:00!

DECEMBER 26th!  (Friday)!  The Derryfield!  Manchester, NH!  Music from 9pm till 1am!

DECEMBER 27th  (Saturday)! 
Whippersnapper's!  Londonderry, NH!  Music from 9pm till 1am!


JUNE 21st  (Sunday)! 
Rotary West Rockin Ribfest at Anheuser Busch in Merrimack, NH!  This is a fantastic family friendly fun event!  We are psyched to be back to play at this great event!  Music from Noon till 4pm!


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